Encouraging men to embrace self-care is no easy task, but HMN Skincare has risen to the challenge and cracked the code. We are proud to have played a deciphering role, gearing HMN Skincare with a streamlined identity that elevates men’s skincare regimen to a new standard.

Existing brands tend to focus on a specific, somewhat stereotypical image. They tailor their products to fit preconceived notions of what a ‘skincare-using man’ looks like, targeting only those who already have a well-defined skincare routine. High time to change course.

HMN Skincare focuses on the everyday man: the practical, purposeful, and versatile. To create a brand identity that resonates with this archetype, we drew inspiration from the concept of the 'Uomo Universale' — a symbol of all-around capability. Building upon this ideal, we gave it a contemporary twist. With the 'Uomo Urbane' in mind, we shaped a brand identity that stands at the intersection of tradition and modernity.


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